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Series 13 of Doctor Who introduced Celia Imrie as the Sixteenth Doctor, Tom Felton as Alec O'Conor and Imogen Poots as Constance O'Conor.

The series opened with A Masterful Reckoning and concluded with Master of Worlds. It was followed by both a Halloween Special, Disappearing Act and a Christmas Special, The Three Masters.


The series consisted of twelve stories and fifteen episodes. It was Celia Imrie's first full series as the Sixteenth Doctor and introduced new companions Tom Felton as Alec O'Conor and Imogen Poots as Constance O'Conor in the premiere, A Masterful Reckoning. Callum Turner took over as the head showrunner.

Everything from A Masterful Reckoning to The Three Masters was part of the Series 13 production block.



  • The Master - Jane Asher
  • The Master - Sally Phillips


  • Sanako - Lana McKissack
  • Receptionist - TBC
  • Roman Murphy - TBC
  • Alistair Carson - Daniel Craig
  • Natalia Goldsteed - TBC
  • Gregory - TBC
  • Voice of the Mysterious Being - TBC
  • Expedition leader 1 - TBC
  • Expedition leader 2 - TBC
  • Christopher Davis - TBC
  • Nyssa of Traken - Sarah Sutton
  • Davros - Terry Molloy
  • The Daleks - Nicholas Briggs (voice)
  • Reid Paletsworth - TBC
  • The Ringleader - Tony Todd
  • The Master - Derek Jacobi
  • Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker
  • Peri Brown - Nicola Bryant

Television Series

Regular Series





Title Writer Director Notes
1 129 A Masterful Reckoning Callum Turner Lee Haven Jones First appearance of the Sixteenth Doctor, Alec O'Conor, Constance O'Conor and the Master in her Asher incarnation.
2 130 The Unearthly Dramatics of the Theatre Natalie Robyn
3 131 The Timeless Train Callum Turner
4 132 Terrors Beyond the Galaxy Sofia Fox First appearance of the Voord since The Keys of Marinus.
5 133 Theory of the Mind: Part One Lili M This story was notable for being one of only two stories in the fan series to have its episodes named Part One and Part Two instead of having individual titles.
6 Theory of the Mind: Part Two
7 134 The Girl with the Porcelain Skin Callum Turner
8 135 Spiders and Fireworks Natalie Robyn
9 136 An Unlikely Stowaway Callum Turner
10 The Fall of the Kepler
11 137 The Treasure of Lost Souls Lukas Jones
12 138 Life or Death? Callum Turner First appearance of the Master in her Phillips incarnation.
13 Master of Worlds

Halloween Special



Title Writer Director Notes
139 Disappearing Act Callum Turner Lee Haven Jones Last appearance of Alec and Constance.

Christmas Special



Title Writer Director Notes
140 The Three Masters Callum Turner Lee Haven Jones Only appearance of the Master in his Jacobi incarnation and last appearance of the Master in her Asher incarnation.

Aliens and Enemies

Adaptations and Merchandising

Home Media


S13 DVD Cover.jpg

All episodes of Series 13 were released in boxset form by BBC Studios. The set contained special features such as; Doctor Who Confidential, cast and crew interviews, episode commentary, behind the scenes look, series trailers and teasers, image gallery, deleted scenes and special feature - The Art of Who with Tom Felton.


S13 Blu-Ray Cover.jpg
S53 Blu Ray Cover (Collection Style).jpg

The series was also released as a complete blu-ray season release, with additional bonus features not included on the DVD release, such as; extended Doctor Who Confidential, video diaries and PDF files of scripts and production. A follow-up Collection set was released as well, containing additional features such as; Behind the Sofa and series production documentaries.

Sixteenth Doctor episodes
Series 13 A Masterful ReckoningThe Unearthly Dramatics of the TheatreThe Timeless TrainTerrors Beyond the GalaxyTheory of the Mind: Part One / Theory of the Mind: Part TwoThe Girl with the Porcelain SkinSpiders and FireworksAn Unlikely Stowaway / The Fall of the KeplerThe Treasure of Lost SoulsLife or Death? / Master of WorldsDisappearing ActThe Three Masters
Series 14 In Flux / Web of DeceitAn Infernal InvestigationBody SwapEchoes from the DeepSecrets of the Bard / The Bard ChroniclesDoctor Who and the Kandy Factory / Sugar to the SlaughterThe Never Ending JourneyA Gallifrey Made for MurderThe Infinity Complex / The Chase Across Time and SpaceThe Imagination Eradication
Series 15 A Devil in DisguiseNectar of the GodsThe HalfmenIs This Paradise? / Acolytes of the PitThe Rebel Invasion / The Dalek IncursionFuture Past / To the Ends of the Earth / ConfrontationThe Day of the DeadCrossfire / The Weapons of WarThe Christmas That Never Happened
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